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Your Products
Deserve a Longer Life

Howard Alloy's superior hardfacing powders ensure
unmatched durability for your equipment.

Ultimate Wear Resistance for Every Industry

For more than a decade, Howard Alloy has been helping North American companies improve the durability of their high wear products with hardfacing materials tailored to withstand the most challenging industrial settings.


Better durability means reduced downtime and maintenance costs, and increased productivity.

Oil and Gas

Fueling Durability in the Oil and Gas Industry


Howard Alloy's specialized hardfacing materials offer unparalleled protection against extreme conditions. From drill bits to pipelines, our solutions ensure reliable performance, longevity, and cost savings, empowering companies in the Oil and Gas sector to conquer challenges with confidence.



Bringing Strength to the Forestry Sector

Howard Alloy's advanced hardfacing materials provide crucial protection for forestry equipment against the harsh elements. From logging to sawmill operations, our solutions ensure optimal durability, reduced maintenance costs, and increased operational efficiency in challenging forestry environments, elevating productivity and sustainability to new levels.

Car-making factory


Enhancing Plastic Industry Performance

Howard Alloy's cutting-edge hardfacing materials make a significant impact in the plastics sector. By integrating our advanced solutions into key components like extruder screws and injection molding machine parts, companies can tackle wear and tear challenges head-on, prolonging the operational life of critical machinery used in plastic processing. 



Forging Strength in Recycling 

Howard Alloy's premium hardfacing materials  also play a vital role in bolstering the recycling industry. By incorporating our durable solutions into recycling equipment such as shredder blades and granulators, companies can effectively combat wear and tear, extending the lifespan of machinery crucial for processing recyclable materials. 

Howard Alloy Products

Howard Alloy offers a unique, customized service approach to solving your toughest durability problems






Desert Sand Dunes

Thermal Spray Powders


Our Thermal Spray Powders provide protective coatings for enhanced corrosion, high-temperature,  and wear resistance, ensuring optimal performance for your components with enhanced protection and lasting quality.


Our Thermal Spray Powder products include:

  • Tungsten-cobalt powders 

  • Chrome-based powders

  • Molybdenum-based coatings

  • Ceramic-based coatings

Desert Sand Dunes

PTA/Laser-Cladding Powders


Crafted for Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and Laser Cladding processes, these powders protect metal surfaces from wear, corrosion, and heat damage.


Offering exceptional durability and toughness, they extend component lifespan in industries like oil and gas, mining, and aerospace. Elevate your metal surfaces with our top-quality powders.


Hardfacing Powders


Our premium Hardfacing Powders protect surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, and impact, extending equipment lifespan with unmatched reliability in tough conditions.​


Our Hardfacing Powder products include:

  • Spherical Tungsten Carbide

  • Angular Fused Tungsten Carbide

  • MacrocrystallineTungsten Carbide

  • Chrome Carbide

  • Composite Rod

  • Matrix Powders


Tungsten Carbide
Cutter & Wear Parts

1 selected_edited.jpg

Cemented Carbide is the hardest metal known to mankind. The common grades are made of Tungsten carbide with Nickel or Cobalt to form an extremely hard and wear resistant parts. 


Common applications include:

  • Mining Tools 

  • Wood Carving Tips

  • Shovel Teeth

  • Oil Field-Valves

Why Work With Howard Alloy?


Custom Solutions
You're not just a customer.  You're a partner.  That means that we'll collaborate to uncover personalized solutions that make the most sense for your business.

Premium Quality
We understand the critical importance of product quality, consistency, and dependability in manufacturing operations.  We have been delivering on this promise for more than a decade.

Unparalleled Service
We exceed customer expectations with an outstanding supply chain  and strategic warehousing options. Enjoy DDP service, timely deliveries, and personalized communication.

Maximizing Your ROI
Our superior hard-facing powder products are competitively priced and  designed to enhance durability, optimize performance, reduce downtime, and boost profitability for your business.

What our Customers Say

manufacturing entrepreneur head shot.jpg
Alex Y., Shop Foreman
Oil & Gas Customer, CA

"Howard Alloy has been an important partner for us for almost 7 years. William understands how critical product consistency and quality are for our operations, and he is always available for us."

Robert D., Owner
Forestry Customer, VA

“I would recommend Howard Alloy to any company looking for the best quality thermal spray solutions for their parts and equipment. What really stands out is their  excellent customer service and response times. Jane in particular is always a tremendous help.”

company owner who sells cutting parts.jpg

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