Tungsten Carbide Cutter & Wear Parts



Cemented Carbide is the hardest metal known to mankind. The common grades are made of Tungsten carbide with Nickel or Cobalt to form an extremely hard and wear resistant parts. The common applications include mining tools, wood curving tips, shovel tooth, oil field valve, etc.


Forestry & Recycling


Oil and Gas






Snow & Ice


Grade Composition

Grades Hardness Density TRS Applications
WC Co 6% 90.50 HRa 14.95g/cm2 2200Mpa Cutting tools
WC Co 10% 91.80HRa 14.95g/cm2 2400Mpa Cutting tools, Endmills
WC Co 11% 88.00 HRa 14.40g/cm2 2400Mpa Mining and debarking
WC Co 12% 88.50 HRa 14.30g/cm2 2800Mpa Wear parts
WC Co 15% 87.00 HRa 14.20g/cm2 3000Mpa Wear parts
Ultrafine grades available 0.3 microns to 0.8 microns


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